The Web Revival!

The Web Revival

Web Revival

What is the Web Revival and why does it matter to me, Last Updated: 19/06/2023

Welcome internet explorers! I felt it was important that i focused one of my first big pages here on the Web Revival movement as this is both a core reason for me creating this space and something i truly feel passionate about! Im excited to go on this journey of discovery and creativity and appreciate anyone who has taken the time to find this point! This will be updated as time goes on as both the resources change and my knowledge expands! Im making this both as a way to spread the movement and keep a nice collected set of resources for myself and others to refer to and look back on. My goals here are to explain the general idea of the movement, share resources that can be used to get involved, have fun and learn! If any information on this page is incorrect please reach out to me via eMail as this is all about learning.

So What is the Web Revival?

To answer this question i will refer to this list from as it mentions all the values that are at the core of this place and more. ( melon has provided so much in the way of research for me and im super super thankful, thanks melon!!!)

  • Creativity comes first - They value creative expression and the ability to customise and decorate their digital spaces.
  • The Web is Friendly - Most are inclusive and value warm genuine interactions, egos should take a back seat here.
  • Non Social-Media - Most are sick of social media, they dislike its drama and often toxic cultural impact.
  • Right to Repair - They value the freedom to control their own data and understand the tools they use.
  • Money is not the goal - They dislike the corporate webs obsession with monetisation, professionalism and branding.
  • One World-Wide-Web - They value the ideals of free shared information and global connectivity expressed on the early internet.
  • Messy things are OK - Things don't need to be perfect, we want our web lives to be fun ones not flawless ones.
  • No to Crypto - To most, crypto currencies, the “Web3“ and NFTs are not welcome.

To me personally the main draws are to keep the web friendly, creative and not profit driven. Greed has really harmed the modern internet with companies chasing eternal growth and throwing away the core values that made their services desirable to begin with all just to chase a extra little profit no matter the long term effect, effect on the users and effect on the online space as a whole. I want things to be fun again, viewing all these spaces of self expression and thoughts without the fear of being manipulated into some greater agender is really refreshing in this modern era, and due to these common desires the spaces tend to be way more focused on helping each other instead of trying to just cause outrage and gain clicks. Create what you want, support each other and be kind. This space belongs to you as much as it does to anyone else. I want to live my life by sharing and encouraging others, everything I learn I want to share to those that might find it helpful, this is why I do all this. I want the world and the internet to be a kinder place and that starts with us making a conscious decision to work on that.

How do i get involved?

For now i will simple encourage you to explore! Head on over to and click whatever looks interesting to you! Sign some guest books and spread kindness! As this website evolves i will continue to update my RESOURCES page and eventually i hope to write my own tutorials however; that will take alot more learning on my end before i reach that stage so its definitely a future project.

Be kind. Be Involved and Be Creative <3