The Web Revival!

The secret of the pocket notebook

Phees Little Book!

Added: 19/06/2023

So What is the Web Revival?

Im about to let you in on something that has really changed my life….i know right, a notebook how sad lol, but seriously, its such a small change i made in my life that has already had a huge impact.

About 3 months ago i was doing my usual youtube consumption and i stumbled across a video (sadly i cant remember who it was now) where someone was explaining how he always carries a tiny little notepad with him that can fit in his back pocket, he uses it for literally everything, from quickly jotting things down to placing it under a wonky table to stop it rattling (So convenient). Now Journaling has been something ive ALWAYS wanted to do in my life and have attempted time and time again before my mind got instantly distracted and i gave up, falling short of my goals every time and eventually scrapping it all together as i slowly started to forget more and more. I was finally getting into it however i went through a big change in my life and moved into my own house to live by myself for the first time ever which was incredible however; this came with alot of changes and alot of very busy nights where i just really couldnt be bothered to write in it and eventually found myself getting upset by my lack of focus and quitting entirely.

But thats where my new pocket notebook comes in… This thing is small enough to go with me everywhere, whenever i get a stray thought i reach for it, no fancy layout, no pressure to write every single day just one very simple, disconnected log for my thoughts.

And thats one of the key things for me, its fully disconnected. The thoughts that go into my tiny book are organic and unique. I dont jot stuff down then spend next next 30 minuets scrolling on my phone because a notification popped up, i jot stuff down quickly which leads to a little chain of ideas and creativity. Sometimes i just use it to write my shopping list and thats amazing too! Im sure i look like a crazy lady rambling on about how nice a tiny notepad is but i cant stress enough how nice it has been to carry this thing around with me for the last 3 months and just casually scribble in it, labelling the pages with dates so i can go back if i need to in the future.

Luckily i got this right when i started my website rework so it has been absolute filled with sketches of layouts that i would usually forget. Its a simple thing, and another step that helps me disconnect from my phone and just take a moment.

(Its also covered in stickers and pins which makes me smile every time i see it 🙂)